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The “American Pinheads” painting serves as a chilling reminder that in the realm of The Murderverse, even the most innocuous images can conceal the darkest of secrets. Why?


These Pinheads are no ordinary farm couple; they are harbingers of dread that tend to a horrific crop. Their farm, a desolate stretch of cursed land, yields a grotesque harvest of souls ripe for torment. Hidden in plain sight, beneath the Gothic farmhouse behind them conceals an endless labyrinth of Hell's own design, where the damned wander eternally in an infinite loop of pain and pleasure.


In this alternate realm, the reign of the American Pinheads live on, unchallenged and unwavering, as they revel in the screams that echo through their nightmarish domain.





Comes in 5x7 or 11x14 with thick matte paper stock and black matting ready to be framed. See detailed specs for each size below, as paper stocks vary.





  • 4x6 print mounted with 5x7 matting
  • Weight: 100lb cover

  • Color: White

  • Brightness: 91

  • Finish: Smooth Satin

  • Acid Free    

  • FSC Label: Mix Credit

  • 10% PCW Recycled 



  • 8x10 print mounted with 11x14 matting
  • Extra Heavy Card Stock - Linen

  • Weight: 130lb cover

  • Color: White

  • Brightness: 98

  • Finish: Woven Texture

  • Brand: Neenah

  • FSC Label: Mix Credit



American Pinheads Art Print (Hellraiser + American Gothic Mash-Up)

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