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General Fred Krueger and his crew of horrific marauders navigated the icy waters of the Delaware River with a sinister campaign as they sought to infiltrate the dreams of unsuspecting victims while invading the surrounding area.


Their destination was unknown, for General Krueger had a plan far more sinister than any military campaign. He sought to infiltrate the dreams of unsuspecting victims and turn their slumber into a living nightmare. With the united power of his crew, he believed he could plunge the world into an eternal night of terror.


But little did they know that a group of brave souls, survivors of past horrors, had banded together to stop this unholy voyage. Rugged faces like Ash Williams, Chris Washington, and Wendy Torrance, armed with determination, were hot on the trail of the invaders. The clash between the forces of darkness and the defenders of the waking world was now imminent. 


As the boat approached the riverbank, tension in the air was palpable. The stage was set for an epic battle between the darkest of nightmares and those who dared to confront them ashore.



  • MP - 11 x 17 - Poster 100 Matte Text 1S
  • MP - 19 x 27 - Poster 100 Matte Text 1S

General Krueger & The Army of Horror Poster (Horror Movie Villains Mash-Up)

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