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Those who dare gaze upon the Mona Myers for too long risk vanishing without a trace, as if consumed by the painting itself.


Legends say that the painting is a cursed gateway to another realm, ensnaring the souls of those who meet its malevolent gaze. Desperate attempts to destroy the artwork have failed, followed by an increase in even more disappearances, leaving nothing but cries for salvation.


In the Murderverse, where darkness thrives, the Mona Myers remains an enigmatic, haunting symbol of unrelenting terror lurking in every shadow.




Comes in 5x7 or 11x14 with thick matte paper stock and black matting ready to be framed. See detailed specs for each size below, as paper stocks vary.





  • 4x6 print mounted with 5x7 matting
  • Weight: 100lb cover

  • Color: White

  • Brightness: 91

  • Finish: Smooth Satin

  • Acid Free    

  • FSC Label: Mix Credit

  • 10% PCW Recycled 



  • 8x10 print mounted with 11x14 matting
  • Extra Heavy Card Stock - Linen

  • Weight: 130lb cover

  • Color: White

  • Brightness: 98

  • Finish: Woven Texture

  • Brand: Neenah

  • FSC Label: Mix Credit



Mona Myers Art Print (Michael Myers Halloween + Mona Lisa Mash-Up)

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