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On a fateful Friday the 13th in 1798, young Napoleon faced torment by his French peers. Disfigured, he donned a hockey mask carved from bone to hide his scars. That night, by Lac du Bourget, his tormentors went too far. Mocking laughter echoed as they pushed him into the water. Struggling, he gasped for air, but their cruel jests masked his cries. The water swallowed him whole, ending the mockery...but not for long.


Nearly two centuries later, on a fateful Friday the 13th in 1980, a bolt of lightning struck Camp Crystal Lake. From its depths arose a hulking figure wearing hockey mask, a disfigured face once again it, and wielding a machete. Napoleon Voorhees was born.


With bone-crushing enthusiasm, he embarked on a rampage to avenge his mother and conquer the world. Campers cowered as Napoleon Voorhees unleashed brutal chaos. Victims met gruesome ends—impaled on tent stakes, skewered by marshmallow sticks, their laughter turned to horrifying screams as he mercilessly hacked, slashed, and bludgeoned them with the taste of summer.





Prints come in 5x7 or 11x14 with thick matte paper stock and black matting ready to be framed.

The 16x20 poster does not include matting.


See detailed specs for each size below, as paper stocks vary.





  • 4x6 print mounted with 5x7 matting
  • Weight: 100lb cover

  • Color: White

  • Brightness: 91

  • Finish: Smooth Satin

  • Acid Free    

  • FSC Label: Mix Credit

  • 10% PCW Recycled 



  • 8x10 print mounted with 11x14 matting
  • Extra Heavy Card Stock - Linen

  • Weight: 130lb cover

  • Color: White

  • Brightness: 98

  • Finish: Woven Texture

  • Brand: Neenah

  • FSC Label: Mix Credit



  • 16x20 poster
  • Printed on Matte Text 1S, no mat


Napoleon Voorhees Print | Friday the 13th + Napoleon Bonaparte Mash-Up

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