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In 2019, our mash up titled, “The Murderverse” went viral on social media. Years later, after popular demand and countless bootleggers selling our work, we turned it into our flagship t-shirt, only available through our official store on high quality and direct to garment printing — not a print on demand disaster.


🪐 The Murderverse Lore:

In the Murderverse, where horror and comedy collided, a rift tore the fabric of existence. Villainous icons like Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers emerged with a taste for blood, painting our world with terror. Some embraced the chaos, while others like Ash Williams and Wendy Torrance rose up to challenge the slaughter of their home.


Alliances formed and shattered, both realms on the edge of crimson. Would heroes seal the rift and banish the monsters, or would villains turn our world into a blood-soaked hunting ground?


In the Murderverse's dark sense of humor, only time would reveal whether this collision of dimensions would end in screams or laughter.



  • MP - 19 x 27 - Poster 100 Matte Text 1S

The Murderverse (Poster) - Horror Movie Villain Mash-Up

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